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The Detroit Lions had a bye week this week, so I’ve decided to play as a different team this week! I was treated to 2 different viewing options in lieu of a Lions game this week. On CBS we had the Ravens visiting the Chiefs and over on FOX (where the Lions would normally be seen) we had the Green Bay Packers taking on the Indianapolis Colts. The Ravens/Chiefs game ended up being a defensive struggle, while the Packers/Colts game ended with a thrilling finish as the Colts engineered an 18-pt comeback to win 30-27. The comeback win was made even more special by the fact that their Head Coach, Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia, and thus, had to miss the game. I went with the Ravens/Chiefs game to play for this weeks TSB2013 game because I don’t think I could improve on the story that was the Colts/Packers game. Plus, the Chiefs are my secondary (eh, maybe tertiary) team behind the Lions (or… well… the Colts). With that said, I will be playing as the Chiefs for this one. Let’s get going!

Week 5: Baltimore Ravens @ Kansas City Chiefs

1st Quarter

  • The vaunted Ravens defense flexes its muscle on the first drive. Shutting down RB Jamaal Charles on the 1st two plays, and then forcing WR Steve Breaston to fumble. Ravens recover.
  • Chiefs LB Tamba Hali nearly blocks the field goal attempt, but the Ravens miss anyway.
  • Ravens DE Haloti Ngata drops QB Matt Cassel for the sack.
  • I foolishly go for it on 4th-and-20. Luckily Breaston catches the long bomb. I run out of bounds, lest he fumbles.
  • Chiefs TE Tony Moeaki dives to make the long catch and barely slides in for the TD! 7-0 Chiefs.
  • This is already more than the Chiefs scored against the Ravens on Sunday, so I guess I’m doing alright!
  • The Chiefs force a fumble and Tamba Hali comes up with the recovery! Chiefs ball!

2nd Quarter

  • Jamaal Charles punches it in from the 1-yard line for another TD! 14-0 Chiefs.
  • I’m getting lucky on these defensive play choices I think. After two straight Ravens runs for loss, Chiefs DE Tyson Jackson drops Ravens QB Joe Flacco for the sack. Ravens go 3-and-out.
  • On the 1st play of the following Chiefs drive, Cassel scrambles, but is eventually sacked.
  • Don’t know if I was playing Madden yesterday, but I decide to go for it on 4th down again, but it works out in my favor as Cassel dishes it to WR Dwayne Bowe for the TD! 21-0 Chiefs.

Interesting Halftime Stat(s): Boy, I thought 3 yards of offense allowed against the Vikings was miniscule. How about exactly 1 (one, uno, eins, une) yard of offense allowed by the Chiefs defense?


3rd Quarter

  • Gotta love accidental onside kicks. Love ‘em even more when they go my way. Sadly, this one did not.
  • Ravens nearly gain some actual offense, but a fumble shuts that down. They recover though.
  • I erase their gains with a drop of Ravens RB Ray Rice in the backfield.
  • Copy and paste the line above, then add “Ravens punt.”
  • As much as I’m making fun of the Ravens not moving the ball, I’m not doing so hot on the ground at all.
  • Grrr… At least I have a comfortable enough lead to where I don’t HAVE to go for it on 4th down. I GUESS I can punt it.
  • For the first time all game, the Ravens get a 1st down. OHHHHHH NOOOOOOO!
  • And it’s their only 1st down as they are forced to punt!
  • That was one of the silliest plays I’ve ever witnessed in Tecmo Super Bowl. Matt Cassel attempts a pass, targeting Jamaal Charles. It’s picked off by Haloti Ngata. Ngata FUMBLES THE BALL! Dwayne Bowe recovers it and runs it in for the Chiefs TD without any Ravens defender within 20 yards of him. 28-0 Chiefs.

4th Quarter

  • Aaaaaaaand the accidental onside kick goes my way!
  • Ravens LB Jameel McClain drops Cassel for an 11-yard sack.
  • I attempt a loooong field goal. Soon as I hit A, I said “Nope!” But it bounced off the crossbar and went in. It’s good! 31-0 Chiefs.
  • Ray Rice breaks open a long run for a Ravens TD. Too little, too late, my black and purple avian friends. 31-7 Chiefs.
  • I don’t care if I’m up 24 points late in the 4th quarter! I’m passin’ this f’n ball! And I pass it right to Fullback and Madden 12 cover star Peyton Hillis for the TD! 38-7 Chiefs.

Final Score: Kansas City 38, Baltimore 7

Stat of the Game: OK, so Charles and Rice both finished with 12 yards on the ground, but Rice’s 12 yards are even after that long (maybe 40 or 50 yards) TD run he ripped.

Compared to how the real life game turned out, this was the exact opposite. The Raven’s won that one 9-6. I scored over 6 times as many points, while allowing 2 fewer.

Well, we get back to Detroit next week as they take on the Philadelphia Eagles. I’ve been told by someone who has this same ROM that the Eagles are unstoppable in this game. Yikes.

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The disappointing season for the IRL (In Real Life) Lions continues. They lost an ugly game 20-13 to the Minnesota Vikings. The difference may only have been 7 points, but Minnesota looked like the better team by a mile. After 4 weeks the IRL Lions are 1-3 and the IRL Vikings are 3-1. Coming into this week’s Tecmo Super Bowl game, the TSB2013 Lions are 2-1 and the TSB2013 Vikings are 0-3. This is what most would have thought these teams would be sitting at at this point in real life. The IRL Vikings pulled a massive upset against the 49ers, with their only loss being a 3-point difference to the Indianapolis Colts. As far as Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 goes, the Vikings stink and the Lions have scored the 2nd most points in the league. Only Miami (what?!) has scored more. Enough with the chit-chat… LET’S GET READY TO TECMOOOOOOOOOOO!

Week 4: Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions

1st Quarter

  • Before my opening drive I put Mikel Leshoure in at running back in favor of Kevin Smith. Leshoure went on to fumble it on the first play. Luckily it bounced out of bounds.
  • After a few 1st downs on the ground, Stafford airs it out to Megatron for the TD! 7-0 Lions.
  • An accidental onside kick works out in my favor as the Lions recover it. Yay, happy accidents!
  • A long pass to Titus Young sets up Leshoure to punch in a short 3-yard TD. 14-0 Lions
  • This is the 1st time the Vikings have been on offense this game and it’s 2 seconds to go in the 1st. RB Adrian Peterson is dropped for a 4-yard loss. Pity.

2nd Quarter

  • Vikings are forced to punt after going 3-and-out. Am I finally getting a game where I can breeze through unpressured?
  • Maybe not. I also go 3-and-out.
  • Another 3-and-out for the Vikings.
  • Mikel Leshoure says “NO!” to another 3-and-out and breaks a 40 or so yard run on the opening play of the drive.
  • “Hey Nate Burleson?” “Yes, Matthew Stafford?” “Can you catch this ball so we can blow this game open?” “Sure thing, Matt!” 21-0 Lions

Interesting Halftime Stat(s): I’m gonna have to go with Minnesota’s 3 total yards of offense. As much as I’ve had a problem containing running backs so far, it’s surprising to see I’ve held Adrian Peterson to 0 or less yards.

3rd Quarter

  • I tried an onside kick on purpose this time to open the 2nd half. I so recovered the ball. I recovered the hell out of it.
  • Stafford throws a TD pass to Megatron that would have hit his home planet of Cybertron it was thrown so hard. 28-0 Lions
  • Accidental onsides kick again. Different result. Vikings recover and start on the Lions 21.
  • So much for the shutout. QB Christian Ponder to WR Percy Harvin for the TD. 28-7 Lions.
  • I get sacked by a guy named Erin. 4th-and-22 forces me to punt.
  • Ponder gets sacked by a guy named Kyle. 4th-and-29 forces the Vikings to punt.

4th Quarter

  • After a couple long bombs to close out the 3rd quarter, Leshoure opens Q4 with a short TD run. 35-7 Lions.
  • The Vikings give it to RB Toby Gerhart and he nearly takes it all the way for a TD, but fumbles the ball! Lions recover!
  • I put in Jahvid Best to spread the love amongst my RBs. Best fumbles it on the next play and the Vikings bring it back to about where Gerhart had fumbled. Balls.
  • Ponder tosses it to WR Jerome Simpson 2 plays later. 35-14 Lions.
  • Vikings try the onsides. Nate Burleson recovers it and nearly brings it in for a Lions TD… if I hadn’t zigged when I should have zagged. D’oh!
  • Lions RB Keiland Williams scrambles for 10 or so yards to get the TD. Just to recap… Leshoure: Sure. Keiland Williams: The Kei to a TD. Jahvid Best? Not the best. 42-14 Lions.

Final Score:  42-14 Lions

Stat of the Game: Once again, Minnesota’s offense gets spotlighted here. 45 total yards. All passing. I’m guessing this particular game was played at night because “All Day” Adrian Peterson failed to show up.

Compared to the IRL game: Way better than the IRL game! Detroit lost an ugly one last Sunday. I won big.

The Lions have a bye week next week, but I’ll still be playing a game and writing about it. I’ll be posting a poll on my Facebook page asking you which Week 5 game I should play. Yay!

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This week the Motown Lions look to strike gold against the San Francisco 49ers. Detroit hasn’t had much success against the Niners in recent years. Even during the 49ers down years. Both teams are coming off surprising winning seasons (2011 Lions were 10-6, 2011 49ers were 13-3). The experts are saying the real world match-up favors San Fran, but I have the power of Nintendo. Can I grab a win and defend the honor of my Lions? Or will Frank Gore make this game look like a horror movie?

Week 2: Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49ers

1st Quarter

  • 49ers start with the ball. On the 2nd play, Alex Smith passes to RB Frank Gore. Gore rumbles for about 30 yards before he fumbles. Lions Safety Louis Delmas recovers.
  • Megatron (Calvin Johnson) transforms a pass from Matthew Stafford into a Lions touchdown! 7-0 Lions
  • Frank Gore manages to hang onto the ball as he practically single-handedly brings the ball down for a 49ers TD. 7-7
  • A big gain on a pass from Stafford to TE Brandon Pettigrew closes out the Q1. Must’ve been close to 50 yards.

2nd Quarter

  • A short curl route gets the Lions another TD. This time it was Stafford to WR Titus Young. 13-7 Lions (my extra point attempt was blocked! What?!)
  • I get immediate revenge. 49ers fumble the kick return and Lions recover!
  • A Stafford to Burleson TD pass on the following play makes it even sweeter! 20-7 Lions
  • Frank Gore was unstoppable on the next 49ers drive, but they foolishly settle for a field goal to get quick points before the half. But there’s still 24 seconds! 20-10 Lions.

Interesting Halftime Stat(s)

  • I have 0 rushing yards.
  • Alex Smith has a 100% completion rate, but only on 2 passes for 40 yards. One was a 35-yard pass to Vernon Davis.

3rd Quarter

  • It was possibly a sign that I had 0 rush yards. RB Kevin Smith loses yards on the next 2 run plays before going out with an injury. I put in Jahvid Best.
  • I go for it on 4th down. The catch is made, but then fumbled! 49ers recover and bring it to about the 15-yard line. I have a feeling a touchdown is coming.
  • Lions manage to hold them off and the 49ers settle for a field goal. 20-13 Lions
  • Fumbleitis strikes again. Jahvid Best fumbles, 49ers recover.

4th Quarter

  • 49ers have the ball. Can they put together a drive to tie it up?
  • Frank Gore pounds it in for the tie! 20-20
  • For the first time… I shamefully punt the ball away. It’s a touchback, so the 49ers start on their own 20.
  • I may lose this one. With 14 seconds left, Frank Gore is Superman as he breaks several tackles en route to a TD. 27-20 49ers.

Final Score: 27-20 49ers.

Stat of the Game: Frank Gore’s 209 rushing yards.

Compared to how the real life game turned out (27-19 49ers) this one was not much better. I hope to recover next week against the Tennessee Titans!

When news broke of this game being available, I was geeked. This downloadable hacked NES rom of Tecmo Super Bowl requires an emulator to play, but with my trust Retrolink NES USB controller, it’s the next best thing to playing on a TV. So what is this game? It’s the classic 1991 NES game, Tecmo Super Bowl updated with rosters accurate as of the 2012-13 NFL season. Instead of doing a review of it (seriously, everyone knows how awesome TSB is anyway), I will be doing a season playthrough and posting about each game here on the blog each week. I will be using my Detroit Lions for the purpose of this series.

Without further ado… let’s uhh, do this thing!

Week 1: St. Louis Rams @ Detroit Lions


1st Quarter

  • Stephen Jackson for the Rams took it down for the TD on opening drive. Could not get one stop. 7-0 Rams.
  • Stafford to Burleson on 3rd and 15 on the following drive. Must’ve been a 60-yard pass. 7-7
  • Defensive stop by Lions results in a safety. 9-7 Lions.
  • Another long bomb from Stafford to Burleson as Q1 comes to a close. 16-7 Lions.

2nd Quarter

  • Another Lions defensive stop results in a safety on the following Rams possession. 18-7 Lions.
  • I have to note at this point I’m not using the nose tackle to repeatedly dive for the QB or RB. Suh plays to the right of him. Suh consumes all.
  • Lions running back Kevin Smith was running like a beast until he fumbles the ball on the 10-yard-line. Rams recover.
  • Stephen Jackson fumbles the ball near the 50 on the following Rams drive. Lions recover. Starting to think maybe passing the ball is the best option.
  • Stafford to Burleson AGAIN for a 29-yard TD reception. 25-7 Lions.


Interesting halftime stat: Matthew Stafford has 167 passing yards; Nate Burleson has 167 receiving yards. Guess who’s getting the ball the rest of the game?

3rd Quarter

  • OK, so I lied. Very 1st pass of the 2nd half was to Calvin Johnson.
  • Kevin Smith fumbles the ball again, but Calvin Johnson recovers it and runs it about 40 yards. Is Megatron getting jealous of all the attention on Burleson?
  • Calvin is gonna have to work harder. Stafford and Burleson hook up for a 4th time on about a 10-yarder. 32-7 Lions.
  • Rams kicker Greg Zeurlein hits a decent-length field goal. Not worried. 32-10 Lions.

4th Quarter

  • Finally, someone else on the Lions scores as Kevin Smith runs it in for the score. I forgive him for fumbling twice. I’m betting he fumbles again before the end of the game. 39-10 Lions.
  • The 1st 4th down turnover occurs as the Rams turn it over after putting together a nice drive. They shouldn’t give up on the run. I can’t seem to stop Jackson.
  • Kevin Smith runs it in again for another TD. His TD/fumble ratio is now even. 46-10 Lions
  • A last-second desperation heave by Rams QB Sam Bradford results in an interception as the clock hits 0:00.

Final score: Lions 46, Rams 10

Interesting stat of the game: Despite getting his 4th TD catch of the game in the 3rd quarter, Nate Burleson was virtually non-existent in the 2nd half. He had only 12 yards receiving in Q3 and Q4.


Compared to the actual Week 1 result (Lions 27, Rams 23), I’d say this game was much better. This was a blowout very reminiscent of the 44-3 shellacking they handed to the Rams early in the 2010 season.

Well that’s Week 1 in the books! Check out my Facebook and Twitter pages sometime!

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