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When news broke of this game being available, I was geeked. This downloadable hacked NES rom of Tecmo Super Bowl requires an emulator to play, but with my trust Retrolink NES USB controller, it’s the next best thing to playing on a TV. So what is this game? It’s the classic 1991 NES game, Tecmo Super Bowl updated with rosters accurate as of the 2012-13 NFL season. Instead of doing a review of it (seriously, everyone knows how awesome TSB is anyway), I will be doing a season playthrough and posting about each game here on the blog each week. I will be using my Detroit Lions for the purpose of this series.

Without further ado… let’s uhh, do this thing!

Week 1: St. Louis Rams @ Detroit Lions


1st Quarter

  • Stephen Jackson for the Rams took it down for the TD on opening drive. Could not get one stop. 7-0 Rams.
  • Stafford to Burleson on 3rd and 15 on the following drive. Must’ve been a 60-yard pass. 7-7
  • Defensive stop by Lions results in a safety. 9-7 Lions.
  • Another long bomb from Stafford to Burleson as Q1 comes to a close. 16-7 Lions.

2nd Quarter

  • Another Lions defensive stop results in a safety on the following Rams possession. 18-7 Lions.
  • I have to note at this point I’m not using the nose tackle to repeatedly dive for the QB or RB. Suh plays to the right of him. Suh consumes all.
  • Lions running back Kevin Smith was running like a beast until he fumbles the ball on the 10-yard-line. Rams recover.
  • Stephen Jackson fumbles the ball near the 50 on the following Rams drive. Lions recover. Starting to think maybe passing the ball is the best option.
  • Stafford to Burleson AGAIN for a 29-yard TD reception. 25-7 Lions.


Interesting halftime stat: Matthew Stafford has 167 passing yards; Nate Burleson has 167 receiving yards. Guess who’s getting the ball the rest of the game?

3rd Quarter

  • OK, so I lied. Very 1st pass of the 2nd half was to Calvin Johnson.
  • Kevin Smith fumbles the ball again, but Calvin Johnson recovers it and runs it about 40 yards. Is Megatron getting jealous of all the attention on Burleson?
  • Calvin is gonna have to work harder. Stafford and Burleson hook up for a 4th time on about a 10-yarder. 32-7 Lions.
  • Rams kicker Greg Zeurlein hits a decent-length field goal. Not worried. 32-10 Lions.

4th Quarter

  • Finally, someone else on the Lions scores as Kevin Smith runs it in for the score. I forgive him for fumbling twice. I’m betting he fumbles again before the end of the game. 39-10 Lions.
  • The 1st 4th down turnover occurs as the Rams turn it over after putting together a nice drive. They shouldn’t give up on the run. I can’t seem to stop Jackson.
  • Kevin Smith runs it in again for another TD. His TD/fumble ratio is now even. 46-10 Lions
  • A last-second desperation heave by Rams QB Sam Bradford results in an interception as the clock hits 0:00.

Final score: Lions 46, Rams 10

Interesting stat of the game: Despite getting his 4th TD catch of the game in the 3rd quarter, Nate Burleson was virtually non-existent in the 2nd half. He had only 12 yards receiving in Q3 and Q4.


Compared to the actual Week 1 result (Lions 27, Rams 23), I’d say this game was much better. This was a blowout very reminiscent of the 44-3 shellacking they handed to the Rams early in the 2010 season.

Well that’s Week 1 in the books! Check out my Facebook and Twitter pages sometime!

Thanks for reading!