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Hey there! When I’m not playing games on dares or reviewing something on a strict budget, I like to play other games. Like, normally. Stuff I choose of my own volition. I wanna talk about them. So… I’m gonna do that. Now.


Pokemon Shuffle (3DS)

This game is cool. If you’ve played the Pokemon Trozei games or Doctor Who: Legacy or most any other “match-3” games, you’ll be familiar with the concept. It’s a free download from the eShop. Nintendo is dipping their toes into the free-to-play and microtransaction waters, but it’s cool. Whatever. Just don’t spend money on it and you’re cool. The energy system probably keeps you from playing too long anyway. It’s Nintendo’s roundabout way of saying “Take a break and get some air already! Geez!”


Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One)

I had it on 360. Got it for the One. It’s the same game, BUT BETTER! OMG GRAFFICKS U GAIZ!


Tinder (Android)

They show you a picture of a pretty girl and you have to determine if it’s a spambot or not. I’m not very good at this game.


NBA Live 15/NBA 2K15 (Xbox One)

One is absolute unadulterated garbage trash that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemies, the other is NBA 2K15.


The Crew (Xbox One)

It’s seems like a very ambitious idea. The entire country is your car racing playground. Well, not the ENTIRE country. The map is kinda shaped like America and shrunk down to maybe the size of Ohio? I don’t know. I’m still in the starting area of Detroit, or an actually decent facsimile of Detroit. Downtown Detroit in this game actually does look similar to the real Downtown Detroit. Even Comerica Park (sorry, America Park) is well represented. I have a feeling that this will be similar to a racing game from a few years ago called “Fuel.” The central hubs will be well done, but the areas in between will be sparsely detailed. The racing itself is not bad, it doesn’t control the greatest, but I’ve played worse.


The Elliptical Machine At My Local YMCA (Real Life)

People thought Wii Fit was a workout! This thing works out your arms and legs at the same time! Looking forward to setting some high scores on this one!


NES Remix 1 & 2 (Wii U)

These games are both fantastic. Nintendo takes some of their classic 8-bit games and turns them into mini-game challenges. I would like to see Nintendo reach out to their 3rd party partners and get some more games into the 3rd installment. Konami and Capcom had some fantastic NES games.


Mario Kart… All of Them (All the Nintendos)

I love Mario Kart. I’m starting a Mario Kart team. Join me.

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System: Nintendo 3DS

Price: $2.99

Okay, so you know when you’re at the store, right, and you see this game for a current gen console priced super cheap and you’re all “omg, dis gaem is so cheep, it prolly sux lololol.” Well I’m here to tell you to KNOCK IT OFF! This is my mission. I play the cheap games, so you don’t have to. I want you, in the future, to be all “omg, dis gaem is so cheep, it prolly sux lololol, but I will withhold judgement on this piece of software until I read what Scott over at Five Dollar Gamer says about it. Come along, let us retire to the computing room in my domicile, so that we may peruse the ramblings of a man who so cherishes the games in which we so foolishly ignore so that we may play *scoff* Call of Duty? I bellow a hearty guffaw at my foolhardy gaffe. An aberration like that will not happen again, thanks to Scott and Five Dollar Gamer!”

*checks word count*

Okay, a decent first paragraph.

Centipede Infestation is a re-imagining of the classic 1980s hit Centipede. You play as some guy who was an extra cut from an episode of Captain N: The Game Master. You rudely interrupt a young lady planting a garden by saving her life from the giant mutant bugs surrounding her. You and Miss “All The Bugs Are God’s Creatures What If They’re Attacking You Because You’re Shooting At Them” escape to the city to do God knows what because I skipped a lot of the cutscenes. Once I realized our hero wasn’t going to fart out a “Well excuuuuuuse me, Princess” in response to this chick’s sassyness, I stopped caring.

Get on his level.

Get on his level.

But you don’t buy games on the cheap for award-winning scripts. You want surprisingly fun gameplay! Well… you get surprisingly competent gameplay, at least! The game plays similarly to another classic game, Smash T.V. Each level takes place in an enclosed environment as you mow down waves of insects, with each level culminating with a battle against the classic centipede boss. Your Y/X/B/A buttons serves as directions for your shot (hold two down to shoot diagonally). The circle pad moves the 80s dudebro (I think his name is something cliche, like Max). The touchscreen is used to activate power-ups you collect, like flamethrowers and machine guns. It’s nothing real ground breaking, but if you’re going to borrow ideas, at least do it right, which this game does, but not overwhelmingly. If I had to assign a letter grade to the effort used when applying these borrowed ideas, it’d be like a C+, B- tops. Basically me in high school.

Me in high school. (Photo altered in order to prevent someone from being a known associate of this asshole back in the day)

Me in high school. (Photo altered in order to prevent someone from being a known associate of this asshole back in the day)


I mean, it’s a decent game, but it’s not like it’s some hidden gem waiting to be discovered. The action gets a bit repetitive and the cutscenes try to capitalize on that ironic 80s cheesiness with the voice acting, but the bargain bin script holds it back from being tolerable. This was a game destined to be $2.99. I’m not saying AVOID AT ALL COSTS! But it’s not something I’d necessarily recommend. So the guy who was using all them big fancy words in the opening paragraph is no closer to finding out if this is a game he should play or not. He probably won’t. He doesn’t even have a 3DS because “it’s for children.” He’s a dick. Screw that guy.

Thanks for readin’, y’all!


What the hell am I doing? I mean, seriously?! I haven’t written a damn thing in 8 months and I come back with THIS?! I hyped my blog up to an audience in a completely new area of the country. “Oh I review a lot of retro games and hidden gems, check it out sometime.” I get them to like the Facebook page, I tell them something new is coming, and then… Then I give them HELLO KITTY CRUISERS FOR THE WII U! Ya-friggin-hoo!

Okay, to be fair, I was dared by a co-worker to play this game. I caved because YOU DON’T DARE ME TO DO STUFF, TAYLOR!

*ahem* Sorry.

So, let’s take a look at the back of the box bullet points to see what we can look forward to in this adventure.


Everyone in the split-screen screenshot is doing terrible. Symbolism?

Okay, so nothing specific. You can race boats, karts, and planes with up to 4 people. Basic stuff, nothing you couldn’t do in Diddy Kong Racing 18 years ago. Speaking of Diddy Kong Racing, I’ll just come right out and say it: in every way, Diddy Kong Racing is an infinitely better game. Shocker, right? Did anyone reading this really thing that Hello Kitty Kruisers would be a good game? A diamond in the rough? A 6th round pick that leads his team to 4 Super Bowl victories?

Alienating my readers in 3... 2... 1...

Alienating my readers in 3… 2… 1…

So there’s not much meat to the bone that is this game. There’s a championship mode that I completed within the hour and an adventure mode ripped right off from the mission mode in Mario Kart DS. Now I will say that this game deceived me just a bit during the first cup. It was a bit bland and slow, but otherwise there was nothing I’d say was bad. In fact, the races using the airplanes were actually pretty decent. The airplane controls and physics, while not complicated, were surprisingly unterrible. It was during the 2nd cup where I ran into my first set of issues.

Unlocking this fat French dog being one of them.

Unlocking this fat French dog being one of them.

It was obvious that the kinks and bugs were worked out of the first cup. But I feel like the developers went “Meh, no one is going to want to play it after that. I think we’re good. Ship tomorrow.” One race I was sucked into guardrails no matter how much I positioned myself in the middle of the track. It didn’t help that the environment was an egregious rip-off of the Mario Kart 64 version of Rainbow Road. But what I encountered most, and my biggest gripe about the game, is the A.I. and the timing issues. A.I.-controlled cars would easily get stuck in walls or turned around. Now, when I say turned around, I don’t mean they’d spin out a lot. They would start driving in the complete wrong direction. These guys were more confused than Geno Smith playing football.

More football jokes!

More football jokes!

The timing issues were really weird. Things like extremely long lap times, lower-placing finishers having better overall times than those placing higher than them, and the bad A.I. and timing issues going hand-in-hand to create a mess of a post-race leader board. The following images are just a glimpse of what I saw.

Notice the last two times. 10th place has a better overall time than 9th.

Notice the last two times. 10th place has a better overall time than 9th.

I had lapped everyone in this race. Somehow, me and 2nd place had identical times.

I had lapped everyone in this race. Somehow, me and 2nd place had identical times. Also notice last place’s extremely quick lap time.

Hello Kitty spent the last 2/3rds of the race going backwards. Despite this, I somehow only beat her by .23 seconds according to the official scoring.

Hello Kitty spent the last 2/3rds of the race going backwards. Despite this, I somehow only beat her by .23 seconds according to the official scoring.

I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone. Not to kids, not to enemies, not even as a “Hey, let’s get drunk and play this game” game. Even if you’re a fan of Hello Kitty, you won’t like it. It borrows many elements from games much older and better than itself and proceeds to do less than nothing with them. The only thing I would like to know is who was the moron that was scoring the times on those races?

Aww, sonofa---

Aww, sonofa—

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*suddenly awakens from a deep sleep* Hi, I’m Scott.

You can call me Scott.

You can call me Scott.

I’m the beautiful face behind Five Dollar Gamer. I wanted you guys to meet the guy behind the blog. I’ve got a lot of new likes on Facebook recently, so I thought before I get to what I do here, why not get to know me a bit?

I was born in Traverse City, Michigan on May 27, 1987.

Not as big as the big green star on the map makes it out to be.

Not as big as the big green star on the map makes it out to be.

When I was 2, we moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan (about 2 or 2-1/2 hours south, depending on how fast you drive). I grew up in and around the Grand Rapids, Michigan area most of my life. About a month after my 27th birthday, I moved to the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois.

Pictured: How everyone in the Quad Cities gets around.

Pictured: How everyone in the Quad Cities gets around.

I took a hiatus from writing during this time to get my life back together again. It’s not FULLY there yet, but I’m in a better place now than I was. Thus, I felt comfortable starting Five Dollar Gamer up again. But! Grand Rapids is where Five Dollar Gamer started. Two days after my 25th birthday (May 29th, 2012, for those that don’t want to do the math) I was in one of my local gaming stores (where I would later work) and found a copy of Tinstar on the SNES. It was priced at $2.99. What caught my eye though was that this a Nintendo-published title. Games developed or published by Nintendo tend to be a bit more valuable. Curious why this one was so cheap, I picked it up. When talking to the employee there (a friend of mine, Ned. Shout out to Metalhead Ned, listen to him on 97.9 WGRD) I jokingly said I would study the game and publish my results. When he said he would actually read it, the seeds for Five Dollar Game were planted.

What a face! What a shirt! WHAT A RADIO STATION!

What a face! What a shirt! WHAT A RADIO STATION!

Now, if you’ve gone through the archives to read some past articles, you’ve seen that I’ve branched off into other types of gaming articles. But the main focus of Five Dollar Gamer has some requirements when I pick a game.

1.) It has to be $5 or less at the time of purchase.

a.) I’ve cheated a few times with this rule by buying and reviewing games on sale.

1.) VVVVVV on the 3DS eShop is reguarly $7.99, I bought it on sale for $4.99.

2.) It has to be something I have not played before. Every game in the main series of Five Dollar Gamer articles I had played for the first time right before composing the review.

3.) It can’t be obvious to me why a game is priced under $5.

a.) No sports games.

1.) Exceptions can be made for special one-off sports games (think Mutant League for example)

b.) No movie-based games.

1.) I made an exception for Surf Ninjas because it was a Game Gear exclusive.

Otherwise, everything else is fair game. I’ll look at modern day or retro games. If I found something on the Xbox One Marketplace for under $5, and it piqued my interest, I’ll review it.

For my other articles, I’m always open to suggestions. If you want me to write about a game, I take requests. In fact, the article that will be published after this one (which SHOULD be Hello Kitty Kruisers) was a suggestion (more like a dare) from a co-worker.

So, there it is. That’s me and this blog. If you have any questions or comments, go to my Facebook page, and send me a message or post on my wall.

As always, thanks for reading!


Source: GameFAQs

System: Game Boy

Release Date: February 1990

Rarity: 21%

Price: $3.99

I’ve passed this game up numerous times when shopping around for games to play. For some reason Solar Striker was never very eye-catching to me. I just imagined it as some cruddy space-shooter game that probably sold for $20 brand new upon release. But I recently discovered that Solar Striker was a 1st-party game developed by Nintendo R&D1. What other classically legendary games was Nintendo R&D1 responsible for? Go ahead and take a look at the Wikipedia page for Nintendo R&D1 and see for yourself. There’s too many to list here.

They also developed and created the Game Boy itself. Whoa. (Source:

They also developed and created the Game Boy itself. Whoa. (Image source:

Learning that, I had high hopes for this game. This was the only shooter of its kind developed in-house by Nintendo, so I was excited to experience their one-and-only take on a classic genre. I hoped to find out if there was a reason Nintendo never made another game like this. Was it was so great that no follow-up could ever top it? Or was it so bad it was doomed to live in the obscurity that I rescued it from. Well… this is Nintendo we’re talking about here. If it was good, they WOULD have made a sequel to it. My hopes have slightly diminished.

Seeing "Nintendo" next to that copyright date gives me the warm 'n' fuzzies.

Seeing “Nintendo” next to that copyright date gives me the warm ‘n’ fuzzies.

As soon as the start button is pressed, the game begins. No backstory to learn, no opening cutscene, nothing. This was the (almost) 80’s! That’s what the instruction manuals are for!

30 seconds of reading and some imagination in 1990. 15 minutes of opening cutscenes in 2014. (image source: eBay)

30 seconds of reading and some imagination in 1990. 15 minutes of opening cutscenes in 2014. (image source: eBay)

The game plays like your everyday basic vertically-scrolling shooter. Both A and B fire your lasers and the control pad moves your ship up/down/left/right. Nothing complicated here. That said, that’s the only real issue with this game. It’s not very complicated. It’s a very simple game. Scroll up, shoot enemy ships, and rack up points. That’s what games in this era were all about! Forget the backstory! Let me blow stuff up! I’m like a kid playing Grand Theft Auto for the first time! Pew, pew, pew!

Don't forget getting that double laser. Double lasers rule!

Don’t forget getting that double laser. Double lasers rule!

Verdict: HIGH FIVE

It helps that, despite its simplicity, it does what it does well. The controls are great, the framerate and speed are good, and even the music is fun. Just like Mole Mania, this game is an overlooked gem in the 1st party Nintendo library. I think for $3.99, this is the maximum you should pay for this game. It’s relatively common and there’s not a whole lot to it, but it’s amazing nonetheless.

Not all things that are simple are bad. (image source: quickmeme)

Not all things that are simple are bad. (image source: quickmeme)

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Source: GameFAQs

System: Game Boy

Release Date: January 1990

Rarity: 25%

Price: $0.99

One of my earliest gaming memories involves playing Excitebike on the NES. My friends and I would use the edit mode to create the wackiest tracks we could to see if we could out do each other. It all came to a head when one of us (probably me) made a course of nothing but large hills. They take forever to get up if you don’t have enough speed. Of course as close as these hills were put together, building speed was impossible. This led to a course of nothing but grass patches and the eventual demise of Excitebike in our NES gaming rotation.

It wasn't exciting anymore.

It wasn’t exciting anymore.  (Source: Wikipedia)

I bring up Excitebike because it seems quite the inspiration for Motocross Maniacs. This game was published by Ultra Games, a subsidiary of Konami, created to skirt Nintendo’s early limits imposed on 3rd party developers as to how many games they can release per year on Nintendo systems. Those crafty bastards.

Like Excitebike, Motocross Maniacs is a side-scrolling dirt bike racing game in which you race against the clock to finish the course. The controls are similar. A to go, B for a nitro boost, left and right tilts your bike on jumps. There is also a mode that adds in a computer controlled opponent. Unlike Excitebike’s drones, you are actually competing against him instead of dodging what are essentially moving obstacles.  The courses are actually pretty challenging, even early on. Not only do you have jumps and hills to contend with, but also loop-de-loops. This adds a really neat dynamic to the game. Some of these loop-de-loops require skillful timing to get on to. Your nitro boosts are limited (rather than Excitebike’s turbo button) and are often required to hit these loops. In fact, nitros are required to make pretty much any jump.

This jump is impossible to make without nitro.

This jump is impossible to make without nitro.

This issue left me frustrated as hell. The game’s 4th course (as pictured above) is all about jumps requiring nitro boosts. Problem is, if you run out, you get stuck. I often had to restart the game or wait for the timer to run out so I could try again. I was getting frustrated with the game until I realized something. There is a strategy at work here. Some jumps you have to use nitro on to complete… but you don’t have to complete all jumps. There are multiple paths through the course. The trick is finding a path that works best for your nitro conservation strategy. This added another cool layer to the game that I hadn’t noticed right away (courses 1-3 allow for liberal use of nitro boosts). Only problem is, as of writing this, I still haven’t found out that strategy and am stuck on course 4. I haven’t given up hope yet.

Verdict: HIGH FIVE

And it’s because I don’t want to give up that I’m scoring this game as a high-five. I’m actually compelled to try to figure out how to tackle this course. It’s frustrating in a good way. I love when a game can challenge me not because of frustrating level design or poor gameplay, but because I haven’t properly formulated a strategy to beat it.  I feel like I’ve definitely got my dollar’s worth out of this game.

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System: Game Boy

Release Date: May 5th, 1991

Rarity: 57%

Price: $0.80

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen where I decided not to review Atomic Punk for Episode 29. That’s because, after playing it, there’s not much I could say about it. It’s another Bomberman game. Please don’t take this to mean it’s a bad game! I really like Bomberman games, it’s just this one is not all that different from other Bomberman games. The upgrade store seems to be the big difference. Check it out if you’re jonesing for a Bomberman experience on the Game Boy (assuming you’ve already played Wario Blast, my preferred Bomberman Game Boy game).



OS: Android (also available on iOS)

Price: Free (supported by in-app purchases, somewhat intrusive ads)

Wheel of Fortune is such a simple game. Spin the wheel, say a letter, get paid. It’s a great concept and so easy, a grade-schooler can grasp the finer points of it!

And they did sometimes!

And they did sometimes!

This is why it was such a no-brainer for Zynga, purveyors of simple, no-brainer games to create their own take on Wheel of Fortune called What’s the Phrase?! (or WTP for short). WTP lets you connect with other random users and compete to be the first to solve a word puzzle. The person with the highest point total after 3 rounds is declared the winner! The puzzles are based in several categories. But these aren’t Pat Sajak’s categories! Some categories have a modern day take on them, like First World Problems, Video Games, and Things That Suck.

Do you think "Internet Memes" is itself a puzzle under "Things That Suck?"

Do you think “Internet Memes” is itself a puzzle under “Things That Suck?”

Some categories, like the aforementioned Video Games, are unlockable, using coins. Coins can be earned slowly via gameplay, or being that this is a free-to-play game, purchased straight-up with cold hard cash.

First World Problem puzzle: Wa_ted Re_l Money On _tupid Virtu_l _urren_y.

First World Problem puzzle: Wa_ted Re_l Money On _tupid Virtu_l _urren_y.

Of course, if you don’t want to play against the faceless masses of the internet, you can link your Facebook profile, and get embarrassed by that girl you had a crush on in college you haven’t talked to in years because you didn’t know the proper spelling of “The Berenstain Bears” when attempting to solve the puzzle.


"How could you not know that 'S____ _____ ___s' was 'Super Mario Bros?' I am SO glad I didn't date your dumb ass!"

“How could you not know that ‘S____ _____ ___s’ was ‘Super Mario Bros?’ I am SO glad I didn’t date your dumb ass!”

I do have some complaints about this game, that don’t really have anything to do with the gameplay itself. Namely, the ads. The first two articles I wrote for FDG Mobile featured no ads and very little ads, respectively. This one has ads that not only pop up between rounds and games, but on occasion, will cause the game to lock up (luckily not causing the phone to lock up). I’m not certain if this also happens with the iOS version but some other Android users, according to reviews in the Play Store, seem to be experiencing the same issues.

If you’re willing to take the chance with these ad bugs, then take What’s the Phrase for a spin for your free Wheel of Fortune fix!

G__gle Pla_ St__e 




Tha_k_ f_r Rea_i_g!


System: Playstation (also available on Game Boy Color/Advance, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast)

Release Date: December 11th, 2000

Rarity: 46%

Price/Location: $0.99/Gaming Warehouse

If you went to middle school in the late 90’s-early 2000’s, you either had or wanted a Razor scooter. It was a genius invention! A scooter with roller blade wheels! Just be the top-selling student during your schools’ magazine subscription or candy bar sales contest and one could be yours!

"Alright, Ladies Home Journal, you're my key to sweet, scooty goodness!"

“Alright, Ladies Home Journal, you’re my key to sweet, scooty goodness!”

So naturally, as with any wildly popular intellectual property, a Razor Scooter video game was commissioned! Yeah! Can’t get a Razor Scooter of your own? Then live vicariously through this game for only one-third of the price (not including price of Playstation system… which combined would have made it way more than an actual Razor, but I digress)!

Our title screen, complete with totally hip and funky abstract art.

Our title screen, complete with totally hip and funky abstract art.

Very quickly I realize that this game is nothing more than Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on a scooter. Choose a level, get your list of objectives, complete as many as you can in 2 minutes, bake at 425 degreees, rinse, repeat, let cool for 5 minutes before serving.

More like Tony Hawk's Pro SCOOTER?! Amirite? Ugh. Sorry.

More like Tony Hawk’s Pro SCOOTER?! Amirite? Ugh. Sorry.

But surprisingly, the game isn’t completely terrible. I was very surprised how well the controls function and how smooth it feels… kind of like THPS. The graphics are forgivable because pretty much everything looked like ass in this genre and x-treme sports games aren’t notable for their gorgeous graphics anyway.The soundtrack is… okay. The music seemed slightly hard for a game with such a young intended audience, but the lyrics are clean. The characters are pretty hilarious, because they’re all obviously kids, but they sound like adults, especially when you guide one of them off a building and they yell as they fall to their doom. This happens a lot on one level as the play area is spread over several skyscrapers.

Would not be surprised if she had a smoker's cough.

Would not be surprised if she had a smoker’s cough.


Yes, I did say the game was surprisingly un-terrible, but it is still a nearly carbon copy of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Maybe if it did something unique to separate itself from the popular franchise, then I would reconsider. But as it is, for the same price, you could just pick up one of the first two Tony Hawk games and have a similar experience. There’s not much else I can say about it really. For now, Razor Freestyle Scooter will have to remain 2nd prize in the school sales contest.



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System: NES

Release Date: June 1990

Rarity: 49%

Price/Location: $3.99/Game Changers

Let me just say this: If I was as good at making stock market moves as I was in this game, I wouldn’t be living in the smallest bedroom of an apartment I share with two friends. This game has given me unrealistic expectations of the beginner’s learning curve in the world of stock trading. I am shocked and appalled that such a game that can leave such an impression even left the testing phase! This is why the economy is in the crapper, people! Wake up and smell the crushing debt! How many people played this game as children and grew up to be reckless stock traders on the mean streets of Wall? This is nothing more than an economy crasher simulator!

And yet, all I see are dollar signs. I feel my wallet thickening. I hear the roar of the Ferrari in my garage. I smell victory. I can taste SUCCESS!

And yet, all I see are dollar signs. I feel my wallet thickening. I hear the roar of the Ferrari in my garage. I smell victory. I can taste SUCCESS!

This game is a scam! I made it big with investments in Carnivore Cruise Lines, Yapple Computers, Rattel Toys, and Boing Airlines! I diversified the HELL out of that stock portfolio! My wife was so happy over the buttloads of money I was making! My family loved that I was wise in my investments! I had it all! But here’s a newsflash: NONE OF THOSE COMPANIES ACTUALLY EXIST! I couldn’t translate my success into the real world! I had to take a guess with mere facsimiles of the companies in this game! Where was my assistant giving me hot stock tips? She was nowhere to be found in the real world!

I'm so alone!

I’m so alone!

I’ve lost everything because of this game! Girlfriend: GONE! Car: GONE! Life: OVER! I write this review as a message to the masses! A warning, if you will! Spread the word: this game is nothing more than hopes and dreams! It teaches you to be fast and loose with your money! Get my message to Fox News or CNN! Someone! Preferably presented by a middle-aged white woman who has never played the game before. Anyone will do!

Was I the best, Prisila? WAS I?!

Was I the best, Prisila? WAS I?!


Oh, and the game was kinda boring too.

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