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Buy. Sell. Play. Trade. Conquer.

This is the motto of one of the coolest video games stores I’ve found in the area. The store is located near the intersection of North Park and Monroe on the north side of Grand Rapids. It’s definitely a cozy little place. Not very big. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in personality. This store is decorated in your Nintendo-fueled childhood. I walked around the store pointing out Nintendo Power posters I had on my bedroom wall as a kid, toys I had, and other neat odds and ends. Prices for games are again comparable to other stores in the area with some items more and less than other similar items. The steal of the day though was a blue Game Boy Advance SP I picked up for $15 for my girlfriend.


One cool thing that sets Game Changers apart from other stores is the neat artwork and craft items they offer, such as the ones pictured above. They also have coasters, light switch covers, power outlet covers, and more. They sell everything from Atari to Xbox 360, but you can tell this place has its heart firmly in Nintendo’s hands. If you’re a classic gaming fan, but especially a classic Nintendo fan, give Game Changers a look. They’ve only been open since late-November 2012, so hurry up and give this store your support!

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FDG Buys #2- 2nd Chance Games

Posted: January 30, 2013 in 5DG Buys
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It’s been a while since I wrote about a place where I buy my games.

I want to spotlight this store despite not having written anything about a game I’ve purchased here yet. I’ve only made a few trips to this store as it is on the other side of town, but both times I had a positive experience. The sales staff is friendly, and the prices were very fair, especially the copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 I picked up for only $6.99 (my favorite game of all-time and I hadn’t had a physical copy in my collection since I was 13, odd).  The selection of games, movies, and CDs is also quite good.

So friendly sales staff, fair prices, and a good selection of products. What, then, makes 2nd Chance stand out about other comparable stores? Their DVD selection and prices. They have a TON of DVDs! You’d be hard-pressed not to find something you’re looking for. But what’s even better than the selection is the prices. Most any DVD is only $4. Most box sets are not priced that much more (or, in the case of The History of the WWE Intercontinental Championship set I picked up, not more at all). Even better, they have a bargain bin full of decent movies for only $2 (i.e. The Simpsons Movie and Simpsons Christmas Special I picked up). What’s more, if you are looking to sell any DVDs or Blu-Rays, they pay cash in addition to store credit! Not a lot of places do that!


So if you’re in the area of 28th and East Beltline in Grand Rapids, MI, give 2nd Chance games a look-see. You might just give them a… 2nd chance…

…That was awful. I apologize.

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FDG Buys #1- The Gaming Warehouse

Posted: July 16, 2012 in 5DG Buys


This is where it all began. As I gawked at their Super Nintendo section and came across Tin Star, I flashbacked to something a guidance counselor at college suggested to me. After discussing what I would want to do for a potential career, and somehow coming up with something in the travel industry, she suggested I start a blog. You see, many of those in the travel industry have blogs to chronicle their adventures. I’m still not so sure about going into travel, but the idea of a blog intrigued me. They had been around for forever-and-a-half, but I never really looked into them much, or had the subject matter compelling enough to start one. Flash forward to that day in late-May 2012, standing in The Gaming Warehouse, I got the inspiration, and the encouragement from the manager (who I knew from working with him at a previous job) to start this blog.

Right off the bat, anyone can tell this place, whether the Grandville or Holland location, is different from any other game store. Everything is incredibly clean and organized. Gaming Warehouse has been around for a few years, but it looks like it just opened yesterday. This is not a bad thing. It’s a testament to the dedication of the staff to keeping the place looking nice.

Speaking of the staff, everyone here is incredibly friendly, and more than willing to sit and chat with you about games. I’m not sure if anyone there actually knows me as the Five Dollar Gamer when I come in (except the one person there who knows me personally), but I’ve seen interactions with other customers that made me wish these guys could be everywhere I shopped.

I frequent the Grandville location more than any other game storemostly because it’s practically right around the corner from my house. They say location is everything, and that’s true, not just because it’s in close proximity to my house, but because both locations are conveniently located near major area highways. The Grandville location is literally right next to the Rivertown Parkway exit off I-196 and the Holland location is just off U.S. 31.

So, it’s easy to get to, and the people there will greet you with a warm smile, but what I really like is the specials they offer. They have many permanent, non-limited time only specials that I just love. Their specials are listed on their website and Facebook page (both of which I’ll link at the end of the article) but the one I like to take advantage of the most is their Wednesday college discount. If you come in on a Wednesday, and bring a college ID, you save 20%. I love this because, well, my payday is Wednesday! Perfect!

OK, so you’re reading this and you’re saying, “But FDG, I’m one of your few readers who doesn’t live in your area! How can I support this wonderful store?” Wonder no more, dear out-of-state reader! They have an eBay store!

But #1 above all, the checkout process, is not only my favorite thing about The Gaming Warehouse, but I personally think it’s THE biggest thing that sets them apart from any other similar store. Why? The Gaming Warehouse doesn’t have any kind of discount/rewards card, so there’s no pressuring you to sign up for one. You can pre-order games at the store, but this is not something the employees will pressure you about or even mention or suggest. I, for one, absolutely love this. I am not a big fan of the GameStop checkout process (and to a lesser extent, the Play-N-Trade checkout process. Also, full disclosure, I am a former 4-year GameStop employee) and I feel checking out at TGW is a breath of fresh air. It’s not really the fault of the employees at the other stores, it’s a corporate thing. But the fact that TGW doesn’t try to force anything extra on you at checkout makes them extra special in my book.

So that’s that. If you want to know more about The Gaming Warehouse or check out their eBay store, click on the links below!

The Gaming Warehouse on Facebook

The Gaming Warehouse Website

The Gaming Warehouse on Twitter

The Gaming Warehouse on eBay

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