Hey! I’m still alive!

Posted: March 3, 2013 in Miscellaneous

So if you don’t follow my Facebook or Twitter pages (which you totally should), you may know I’m on indefinite hiatus from writing because of some life stuff going on. About a month ago I was let go from my job. I found a new job just 3 days later, but it turned out to not be what it seemed (some people may throw around the word “scam” when describing it). I’m currently in training for a new job, but it’s as a sort of accelerated school program (if you’ve ever taken summer classes in college, think something like that), and they place you in a related job upon completion. Since it’s an accelerated course, there is a LOT of online course work for me to do. I will try to post some shorter quicker articles here and there, but the longer stuff I have been writing in the past is on hold for AT LEAST the end of this month.

Also, if you’re reaching this site from the GameChangers site, welcome! I’m pretty excited for the opportunity the owners of GameChangers have afforded me to get my blog out there to a larger audience.

Thanks for reading! And remember, when life gets you down…

treat yo self


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