Tecmo Super Bowl 2013: Week 3 (Lions @ Titans)

Posted: September 25, 2012 in TSB 2013
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It was a wild weekend of football. Nothing will top the INSANITY surrounding the final play of the Seahawks/Packers Monday night game, but Sunday saw its share of craziness. In a wild comeback, the Lions were down 41-27 with 18 seconds to go. After a touchdown, 2-pt conversion, a recovered onside kick and 0:00-on-the-clock hail mary, the Lions sent the game into overtime tied at 41. The Lions went on to lose 44-41, however. It was a real gutwrencher, even before the final 18 seconds. Hopefully I can find some redemption against the 8-bit Titans.

Week 3: Detroit Lions @ Tennessee Titans

1st Quarter

  • Lions RB Kevin Smith returns from his injury.
  • A wide open Megatron make the Titans defense look anything but titan. 7-0 Lions
  • I accidentally kick an onside kick (it’s easy to do in this game) and the Titans run it back to the Lions 11-yard line or so. This may not turn out good.
  • A few plays later, Titans RB Chris Johnson punches one in for the score. 7-7
  • Stafford throws an interception and the Titans bring it back to the Lions 17 yd. line. Ugh.

2nd Quarter

  • Titans QB Jake Locker throws a TD pass to WR Kenny Britt on the first play of Q2. 14-7 Titans.
  • A huge Stafford to Megatron pass goes from about the Lions 20 to the Titans 11.
  • Stafford can’t find anyone open on the next play… so he decides to take it in himself for the touchdown! 14-14
  • Suhhhhh gets himself a saaaaaaack!
  • Titans are forced to punt. This makes me happy.
  • Stafford throws what looked like an ICBM missile to Megatron for another TD. ICBM stands for I Can’t Beat Megatron. 21-14 Lions.

Interesting Halftime Stat(s)

  • All of Stafford’s pass yards were to Calvin Johnson.
  • Jake Locker has 1 completed pass on 1 attempt, the TD to Kenny Britt.

3rd Quarter

  • Jeez, who needs to pass it when you have Chris Johnson? He takes it to the house on the 1st play of the half. 21-21.
  • Titus Young would have had a great kickoff return… if he hadn’t fumbled it. Titans recover.
  • Chris Johnson again. These running backs in these 3 games I’ve played are KILLING me! 28-21 Titans.
  • A long bomb from Stafford to Nate Burleson saves the game. 28-28.

4th Quarter

  • We are tied going into the 4th. Yikes.
  • Suuuuhhhhh! Saaaaaaaaaaack!
  • A couple missed passes and they’re forced to punt. Why have they abandoned the run? Oh well, I’m happy.
  • No! I’m not happy! I’m pissed! Titus Young fumbles the punt return… AGAIN! Titans recover. If that didn’t sting enough, Chris Johnson was the one who recovered it.
  • Corey Williams gets a sack in the midst of a series of goal line stands. No miracle touchdowns, please!
  • I hold them to a field goal. Whew! 31-28 Titans.
  • No. There’s no way. Nope.
  • No. Seriously. Did Titus Young REALLY fumble it AGAIN on the kick return? Did the Titans REALLY recover it?
  • Yes.
  • Well, a shot at quick redemption for me as the Titans go 3-and-out. I’m changing Kick/Punt returners after this game regardless if Young fumbles on this return or not. I have a few seconds to make some magic.

Final Score: 35-31 Lions.

Stat of the Game: Calvin Johnson’s 252 receiving yards on only 4 catches.

This one had some similar last-second excitement as the real-life game, but a better result (44-41 Titans in Overtime).  The Lions take on Minnesota at home next week! Thanks for reading!

  1. Eric says:

    If only the Lions were able to pull out a win in real life… what a waste of a miracle play.

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