Tecmo Super Bowl 2013: Week 2 (Lions @ 49ers)

Posted: September 17, 2012 in TSB 2013
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This week the Motown Lions look to strike gold against the San Francisco 49ers. Detroit hasn’t had much success against the Niners in recent years. Even during the 49ers down years. Both teams are coming off surprising winning seasons (2011 Lions were 10-6, 2011 49ers were 13-3). The experts are saying the real world match-up favors San Fran, but I have the power of Nintendo. Can I grab a win and defend the honor of my Lions? Or will Frank Gore make this game look like a horror movie?

Week 2: Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49ers

1st Quarter

  • 49ers start with the ball. On the 2nd play, Alex Smith passes to RB Frank Gore. Gore rumbles for about 30 yards before he fumbles. Lions Safety Louis Delmas recovers.
  • Megatron (Calvin Johnson) transforms a pass from Matthew Stafford into a Lions touchdown! 7-0 Lions
  • Frank Gore manages to hang onto the ball as he practically single-handedly brings the ball down for a 49ers TD. 7-7
  • A big gain on a pass from Stafford to TE Brandon Pettigrew closes out the Q1. Must’ve been close to 50 yards.

2nd Quarter

  • A short curl route gets the Lions another TD. This time it was Stafford to WR Titus Young. 13-7 Lions (my extra point attempt was blocked! What?!)
  • I get immediate revenge. 49ers fumble the kick return and Lions recover!
  • A Stafford to Burleson TD pass on the following play makes it even sweeter! 20-7 Lions
  • Frank Gore was unstoppable on the next 49ers drive, but they foolishly settle for a field goal to get quick points before the half. But there’s still 24 seconds! 20-10 Lions.

Interesting Halftime Stat(s)

  • I have 0 rushing yards.
  • Alex Smith has a 100% completion rate, but only on 2 passes for 40 yards. One was a 35-yard pass to Vernon Davis.

3rd Quarter

  • It was possibly a sign that I had 0 rush yards. RB Kevin Smith loses yards on the next 2 run plays before going out with an injury. I put in Jahvid Best.
  • I go for it on 4th down. The catch is made, but then fumbled! 49ers recover and bring it to about the 15-yard line. I have a feeling a touchdown is coming.
  • Lions manage to hold them off and the 49ers settle for a field goal. 20-13 Lions
  • Fumbleitis strikes again. Jahvid Best fumbles, 49ers recover.

4th Quarter

  • 49ers have the ball. Can they put together a drive to tie it up?
  • Frank Gore pounds it in for the tie! 20-20
  • For the first time… I shamefully punt the ball away. It’s a touchback, so the 49ers start on their own 20.
  • I may lose this one. With 14 seconds left, Frank Gore is Superman as he breaks several tackles en route to a TD. 27-20 49ers.

Final Score: 27-20 49ers.

Stat of the Game: Frank Gore’s 209 rushing yards.

Compared to how the real life game turned out (27-19 49ers) this one was not much better. I hope to recover next week against the Tennessee Titans!

  1. The Human H says:

    So, 2013 Tecmo Frank Gore runs like old school Christian Okoye? I’m enjoying these, hope you get back in the Win column in week 3.

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